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My Morgana is fiiinished ^.^

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Howdy! I haven't done this for a few days as I have been busy doing my pullipyness. Yay! So, as the past few days have been so dollyfied indeed, this will no doubt be a very trolleydolly entry ^.^ I spent all Friday sanding and carving my nude holly doll. It made me feel awful but I had such great fun! *Yayness*. So easy peasy. I did the eyes on Saturday After the eyes I watched the football. It was so boring in the first half. But the second half, after Rooney got sent off, was much bnetter. Very exciting. I'm not a football fan *really* I don't understand any of it, and most of the players are so ugly. Especially Rooney. He looks like a pug... But has the characteristics of a terrier. I do like one of the players though!

John Terry *swoon* He has such gorgeous eyes... Beautiful long lashes. He reminds me of Gerard Butler...

After the footie we watched Dr Who which was mega scary >.< Though totally awesome. It had the cybermen and the darleks in. Very koolie. I think Rose is to die in it though... So sad.

On Sunday I painted her and this is the results ^.^ the pic is mega blurry. Its my sisters camera and I'm not used to using it. I need to get my own soon ^.^ Need the money though! I need to gloss the lips, and it all needs sealing still as I had got the wrong stuff >.< I also want to redo the body art. I'm thinking of giving her peirced ears though...

Today I did my Tilly!! i don't have pics of her yet, but I have pics of her stock
^.^ She was really cute. I'm not sure about her custom though. I couldn't get her wig off and didn't want to ruin it so I did it with her altogether. I did pink eyeshadows, and black liner and lashes. I also did pinkish lips, with two moles. But somehow she seems.... Something... Not sure. I really like her... But... THink I need to make her lips lighter... That should help. I hope!

Oh and I darkened her brows. I do love dollies! I really really hope that people will want me to customise their dolls. Wouldn't that just rock??? It is my dream... And I also really want to sell OOAK dolls via ebay. I keep watching solarsenshi's and papermoonpixies dolls going on there. How much they sell for ecetera. They sure do some beautiful things... I could never do anything like them... I have been admiring people like mias work for months and months, wishing I could do the same... I don't have much confidence in my skills though. I have an idea of what my first OOAK seller will be. I'm not ready to disclose the infomation yet though ^.^ Still planning!

I paid my Lachrimae today. I canny wait to get her. I had been waiting for days to hear from the seller about how much postage to pay. They never got in touch so I just attempted to work it out myself. Hopefully she will come soon!!! I want to get a Sage soon too. I wanna make him into a sort of male papin... Will have to look at my ruits disc. I also want to get a mini to practise on. See how to customise them.
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On July 5th, 2006 06:53 pm (UTC), mia_luvs_namu commented:
I would love to see a Fruits boy! All of my boys are so dark and serious! I wonde rif I could pull of a brightly colored one XD That is an exciting idea!
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On July 5th, 2006 08:20 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
I luv her!!!!
Your Morgana is so beautiful!
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On July 5th, 2006 08:29 pm (UTC), ima_weirdfaerie commented:
thankoo ^-^

and Mia I LOVE your boys, wonder if you still have Neji, he was my fave with those eyes ^-^ Sakyo/Sars are mega sexy too o-O I'm glad you think a FRUiTS guy would be good, I would love to see what a fruitsy guy of yours looked like!
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On July 5th, 2006 08:40 pm (UTC), pixiewildflower commented:
Very awesome piskie!
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