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new layout (if you ain't noticed >-^)

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Ehoh again. Well, I changed my layout ^-^ Hope you likeys *nods and dances* It isn't much obviously, but took me forever as I went through several different ones before I stumbles across this in the S2 thing. Wish I could make my own mind you but I am so busy that I can't really practice on my HTML which is so much a shame as I love doing it so much. HTML totally turns me on ^-^ I have this habit of switching onto that thing where you can find out all the HTML used to make the website *muchly koolie* But I am such a total newbie (note newbie not n00b!) when it comes to the world of computers. I wish I had enough money to get my own laptop, then I might have all the time in the world (and space).

Today I was also doing some sewing ^-^ It was so much fun. I loved it *yay* I made a bright green miniskirt for my Mog, I am going to decorate it with beads tomorrow. I canny wait to make some more things. It is so awesomely koolie! I'm really new at that too, but I hope to make a business from it ^-^ My plans are to sew and sell clothes for pullips, obitsu, blythe blah-de-blah I also want to make jewellery for them as I love making it for myself. I used to sell them at the local 'body shop' actually as my sis worked there. We raised money for an M.E. charity. I also hope to do comission work, and sell OOAK dolls via Ebay... I know it is a lot of wishful thinking, especially seeing as I am meant to be a writer and illustrator not a dollytailor/beautician lol But I really want to do it *sighs*

Of course, there are already some of these places out there. I totally don't want to put them out of business, I would rather workl alongside them. After all, there has gotta be enough doll fanatics to go around, and if I know dollies they always need new clothes etc ^-^ Mine certainly do!

I got a new camera today! One of my own *yay* I hope to take some more piccys soon but after I have completely done my dollies. I need to do some work on them still I need to top up Mogs faceup, give her pointy piskie ears, do some peircings (hot needle method I hope, *eep*), and some more body art. I also need to totally redo Tillys faceup, she looks too much... something.

I have been having problems on here past few days >-< Someone *anonymous* leaving real rude messages. So, I am now screening all anon stuff and I just want to say whoever it is, that your words aren't going to ruin my dreams. Your just a nasty little person who hasn't got anything more interesting to do. And I'm sorry, but I pity you... Plus, you don't want to get on the wrong side of me. I know people you don't want to get on the wrong side of as I am their darling little princess *mwahahaha*

Ok, sorry, I just like being all menacing *giggles* oOo, My sis is out tonight having a dinner with her friendy, Nikki, who is off back home to Ireland. Gonna miss her. She wants to stay on though as the church have offered her a position. I hope she decides to stay. I want her to move in with us, like having another sister ^-^ But that can only happen if my brother moves out.

Okies, its night now, better go!
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I'm singing something that was blaring out a car before
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On July 7th, 2006 05:07 am (UTC), mia_luvs_namu commented:
You tell that mean b*tch! e-rudeness is baddddzzzzzz! ;)
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On July 7th, 2006 09:42 am (UTC), ima_weirdfaerie replied:
Thanks ^-^ I haven't had anymore trouble so hopefully they got the message, they really don't wanna know what mr.you-know-you could do >->
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