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My first entry *eeeeeee* Finally did it ^.^

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Wow, I am sat here with my mind absolutely blank... It doesn't half annoy me when that happens. I have so much to say all the time, so why oh why stupid brain *grumbles* Damn seperate entity.

Well, I have been wanting to write this for like, aaaages! But I always forget >.< *woe is me* So much has happened (my life is very boring and blahsay [baaad spelling] but I can talk and talk and talk and talk, just about getting a glass of water making it sound as exciting as an... exciting thing... I wish. Ok, I need to close bracket now)(see, did it ^.^ *ahem*)
Anyway, I finally realised I need to get it done, how am i going to become a famous doll artist without it? How am I going to be an infamous nutcase without it? Well, I can manage to do the latter easily but still! The thing which gave me the final nudge.... eeeee!

Shes come! Oh yes! She came just a bit ago. Wowee, I never realised how stunning and detailed the clothes and accessories were. I was hunting her down (she is a nina pullip doll for those un-knowledgable peeps) nude, but gave up as it was fruitless. Am I happy or what??? ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ yes, i'm happy!!! I have arranged her on the shelf near living room door, her eyes to the side, and hand up in a wave. I'm unsure how Mum and Beckys reaction will be, joy or fear >.^ They find them an ickle scary (Strange people) They would so hate me to get a Noir
Like that would happen... I would love to make my own version someday... Oh, and I canny believe how faaaaast the postage of Tilly was!! pullipstyle is so the best place ever!!!! Shana is lovely! ^.^

I already have a pullip, but a nude Holly, so Tilly is my first real pullip. I am currently awaiting screwdrivers so I can attempt surgery on them. I love telling people about all the cutting with knifes etc oOo I am a wicked naughty girl *mwahahahaha* Ahem, anywho, Holly is Morgana, "Mischeivious Mog" the Cornish piskie. Nina is Tilly ^.^ A mini-me kinda. I have also just ordered a nude Eternia (ah, beloved evilbay) from the fabbyness Whlyhldy. I am making the eternia into a melancholic goth. I can't remember her name as it is latin hehe Muist go wander and see!

Mum has to take me to Boyes sometime so I can look at the fabrics and such. I'm hoping to do some sewing. Make some cloooothes!!! For me, if I get that skilled!!! And for my dollies (yes I am a geek, i'm a PrOuD geek!!!). I ain't attempting to make clothes for my *goes look for name* Aha, eternia is called Lachrimae Naenia the Melancholy. (Lachrimae is tears in latin, Naenia is a butterfly known as the gothic ^.^) So, no way, am I attempting to ruin a beautiful outfit for Lachy. I brought her the stock Cornice outfit aswell ^.^ Dirt cheap I must add!!!

Eventually Mog will wear some sexy elfish thing, and Tilly will have my style. Which is basically anything that goes, with girliness thrown in. I so cannot wait to start customising!!!</lj>
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