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Yo! For some reason I keep wanting to say that, and when I do I sorta shrivel up and die inside... Annnnywayyyy, Been poking about feel a bit of an idiot ^.^ Then again, i am somewhat so never mind! This is going to be a (hopefully) un dolly entry as no doubt my journal will be jam packed full of dolls... Most of my friends aren't into dollies mind you, so I have to be my non dolly self too. I'm a mega nerd... Nerdette ^.^ Cute ickle me!

Well, I skipped my tea again. My friends keep having huge gos at me about it, I know it isn't healthy but it doesn't change the fact that I feel fat. But you really shouldn't worry. i get like this periodically and it changes soon enough! I have eaten a bit today. I had biiiiig bowl of cereal (loooooove cereal!!), a hazelnut yoghurt and I have just eaten some toast so I'm not completely skipping foodyness.

Oh, and it doesn't look like I have many friends on my info page, but I have a lot of friends really, they just don't have LJs! I only discovered this place as a lot of people in the dolling community have Ljs >.^ Theres the word doll! Oh well ^.^ i'm hoping that when they come visit here they will realise how cool it is, and get one too, then I will have lots of frrrrriiiiieeeendyssss! I love friends!!! Woohoo!!!

Tonight, what am I gonna do? Well, I wanna sort out this properly, hunt down more friends *Mwahahahahaha* The crazy girl will soon take over the world *giggles like a maniac* Who on earth would want to rule the world? Like, hello, how demanding a career is that??? Gosh, I am such an airhead. Why oh why do I speak like this???????? oOo, punctuation mania!! I also will peruse pullipstyleforums. I used to just float around in the background (like an angel *sparkles*) but now I post a lot. Well mainly in the customise section. Um, what else? Talk to some peeps on MSN. I am currently talking to the wonderful Jeshii, but Petree will be on later. I doubt Cory will as he's at work, and in a different time zone o.O Silly man, why does he live somewhere so far away *tsk* Inconsiderate of him...

I wish you-know-who comes online but I severely doubt he will. He always to busy. *pouts*

hey, sounds like I'm desperate for a rendesvouz with Voldemort *pokes out tongue* I'm not Morwrennia! Er, no-one whatsoever will know who I am talking of ^.^ Shes a rpg of mine. An Rpg in my head that is >.< Always do them haha If I ever get a Fanatica (pfft!!!) pullip (yes... them... again...) she will be my Morwrennia.

I have a few things I still need to buy. I'm not sure I have enough money this money though for it all *mumbles* i am getting mega distracted by the tele too. Um, yeah, I'm gonna get going ^.^ Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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the sofa, with my pusscat mew sat on me
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"break my heart again" its a praise and worship song
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