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My Twisted Fairytale

by a lost Princess

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Ok, I thought instead of writing about me, which we all know would turn into an endless waffling session, I would write it out question and answer style, that way you will find out more (probably useless) information then if I talk (about useless things), so her we go, sit back and bore yourself stupid!

white rabbit
White rabbit made by requiemart

* name= Tiffany Tasala Jayne Noble *
* aliases= way too many to mention all, but heres some= princessbunnyhop, fairygirlzmeow, weird_faeriye, Squiffy... *
* age= 18 but act like 6 *
* family= wonderful Mum, 5 older sisters (Giselle, Charlotte, Abigail, Becky, Jemima), a big bro (Tom), two bro in laws (Johnathon [Abis] Dan [Giselles]), and three nephews (Alex, Luke [Abis], Keiran [Giselles]) *
* but only live with= Mum, Beck and Tom, plus 5 beautiful cats= Tabitha, Tigger, Mew, Socks, Lumi *
* hair= dark brown, short and spiky, eyes= dark brown with lots of green *
* single?= yes looking?= nope, I have a plan to catch you-know-who... well, sorta *
* fave food= chicken and pizza, also love cottage cheese, prawn crackers (any chinese food!), steak, duck (I love to eat duck soooooo much, wicked woman!), sandwiches, cereal, pasta, rice... *
* fave drink= water (boring!), milk, fruit infusions and alchoholic substances ^.^ *
* drink?= every now and then, smoke?= nope, drugs?= ew *
* fave books= "Mercy" by Caroline B.Cooney, "little white horse" by Elizabeth Goudge, "Exodus" by Julia Bertagna, "Raiders tide" and "north side of the tree" by Maggie Prince, the "Artemis Fowl" books by Eoin Colfer, "HP", "Forever my love" by Constance O'Banyon... um lots! fave genres are fantasy, scifi, romance, historical *

Hannya owned by kyotopunk of Actionstance!
Photo used with permission.

* fave authors= Jude Deveraux, Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett, Cornelia Funke, Yuu Watase *
* fave car= VW BEETLE!!!!!!!, VW campervan, MINI!!!!!!!!, love motorbikes too *
* fave music= love loads of bands, but my fave genres are rock, indie, instrumental and praise 'n' worship *
* Fave bible books= Ecclesiastes, Revelations, I just dig the "story through pictures" style of writing which makes no sense to modern language *
* fave film= Phantom of the opera, Beauty and the beast and lots more! *
* fashion sense= normal, very girlie, I love gothic lolita, JapaneseStreetFashion, hippy grunge, skateboard punk... *
* Guys I like= You-know-who obviously, The Phantom (mega big thing for that guy >.<), Gerard Butler, Julian McMahon (Though only really as Cole minus his half origin), Michael Fassbender (Ignore his work choices), Sphinx (yes, I know hes a computer game, hes hot though), Pip (Jo's RPG character, I'm a definate groupie), John Sheppherd, Ronin, Daniel Jackson (Sg1! Geeeeek!)... The list could go on forever... The phantom is the bestest ^.^ *
* anything else?= I am in a wheelchair as I suffer from M.E. but I'm just a crazy normal person really ^.^ I am also a Christian, completely love God and Jesus but find it really hard to follow the true path. I just find so many things fascinating. I also get mega distracted... But it is worth it! I am a completely bonkers random girl and rather dim. I would make a perfect blonde ^.^ *

Ashe by mia_luvs_namu
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