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Should be beading >->

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Ehoh me folksies.
I am *meant* to be beading/embroidering the miniskirt I made yesterday but couldn't resist not grabbing the computer while I was home alone. Mum has gone to her Friday group, and Becky is having a lie-in after last night. The cleaner has just come (literally) so I ain't alone anymore... I like being alone though. Probably comes from all the years spent shut up in my room. It is July 7th today, a year since those bombings in LOndon. I remember that this time last year I was laid in bed, still really ill but not as bad as I was, I turned the tele on to watch a bit of Sailor moon (I had to watch a 20min episode in two days =-=) when I saw all the stuff on the news... I got sucked in and didn't watch anime that day. It was awful... I'd just made a friend with a girl in London, and she got caught up in it...

Oh and I have a Holly wig for sale. (I shall put up some pictures later)It is perfect really, slightly ripped in the back but so slightly you can't tell. I couldn't believe how easy it came off considering it was the first time! I could so not got Tillys off o-O Anyway, it is still in the posh style, and really good. I'm gonna check out how much I should try and sell it for... have no idea really, but I want to get a good deal.

I really hope my acrylic gloss comes today, taking forever to arrive *bored* I need it to finish off my dolls better.

Anyway, I'll get back to you soon, with pics of the wig, and the skirt...
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the sofa, surrounded by beads....
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Um, Nelly "over and over" I think. Not my kinda thing...
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On July 7th, 2006 02:59 pm (UTC), ima_weirdfaerie replied:
Thankoo ^-^ It is one of mia_loves_namu's designs, as is this one --->
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